Ensuring the Remembrance of Your Loved Ones for Generations to Come.


In 1930 we began our family business in Garfield Heights.  After 85 years we are proud to still call it home.


We are here to help you navigate this difficult time and ensure that memories of your loved one will be preserved and shared.



Funerals are a time where families can gather to heal.  We look forward to helping you continue traditions unique to your family.

Cleveland's Most Affordable Funeral Services

Our Celebration of Life package offers everything you need in order to celebrate the life lived of your loved ones for only $3,295.


Remember your loved one by leaving remarks for their family, providing financial assistance, or sending flowers. 

The Blessing Cremation Center, affiliate of Vito-Nero Funeral Homes, takes a concept from the beginning of time and applies contemporary skills and techniques of care giving to serve the needs of cremation - minded families.  

We offer Cleveland's most affordable cremation services with direct cremation starting at $597.  To learn more visit our Blessing Cremation Center website by clicking below.